NO FUSS Grocery Haul 9/18/204 {Schwan’s and Amazon Prime Pantry}

Ever have NO DESIRE to make a grocery list and go to the store?! Yeah, that’s me right now, blah! Maybe that is why I like being an Avon lady because it’s nice to not deal with chaos. So I decided this week that I was going to order mine from Schwan’s and Amazon Prime Pantry.

If you are not familiar Schwan’s offers coupons! If you are like me I order online and get the coupons at checkout, otherwise they have coupons in the brochures they hand out as well! That’s not all… NEW customers will receive 10 dollars off, ask your REP! Also, if you order online you will get 1 pt for every dollar. The more points equal redemption dollars! Here is the Schwan’s website!

And then for our snacks and dry goods I had to hit up Amazon Prime Pantry again! There are definite benefits for shopping this way too! For 5.99 you can fill up a box up to 45 pounds/4ft with many household items including snacks and beverages! You can “clip” virtual coupons and there isn’t tax, SCORE!!! The items are delievered in 2 days… YES this is going to make life so much easier!!! If you have a grocery store that delivers in your area I am completely jealous! Otherwise take advantage of the great services from Schwan’s and Amazon Prime Pantry!!!

So our haul this week is roughly 130-140… Now the only things I need at the actual store is milk… Unless one of you would like to deliver it to me!


Here is my YouTube Video:


Well this weather is certainly Fall and has me in the decorating spirit! I am taking notes from the All You Magazine for October 2014. There is a ton of recipes, fall decor ideas, and even mask designs for the kiddos. If you are not familiar with All You, it is a saving money magazine with coupons and tricks on living on a budget. I enjoy getting the subscription monthly in the mail. When I first started reading this magazine it was exclusive to Wal-Mart, but I recently have seen it at Dollar General as well. Here is the video from my YouTube channel:



Boxycharm Unboxing September 2014

Hi folks! We have been busy getting back into the swing of things with school and such! Plus, we have the back to school cold here, YUCK!!! Anyways, I got my favorite makeup box of ALL TIME!This box is chalked full of great makeup! I love Boxycharm for only 21 dollars a month you get 5 FULL sized luxurious makeup and beauty items! The items are generally worth over 100!!!! If you wish to checkout Boxycharm follow the link here!

Here is the video:


Fall Haul Part 1

Time to get ready for my favorite season of the year, FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fall! It could stay Fall all year round and you would hear no complaints here! Well, I purchased a few items I wanted to share with you all including some clothes from Old Navy, some makeup from Sephora, and some other misc!!!


August 2014 Bluum Boxes

So we received both of the girls’ Bluum boxes over the weekend! I really enjoyed both of these boxes as they have improved over the last month or so. Amelia’s was full of Pre-K learning utensils and Natalie’s had a book that was right up her alley! If you are interested in Bluum here is a referral link to get half off your first month’s box:


Here are the videos as well:


Natalie’s 17 month old box:


Amelia’s Pre-K box: