Target 20/100 Baby Coupon and More Haul

Well I took a little break but it is time to get back to shopping. I will admit I am way behind on coupons, but thank goodness for loyalty programs such as Cartwheel and in ad coupons! I did the 20 off 100 baby items deal this week. I also got a few other items, mostly for the 4 year old Amelia! I am feeling a mommy haul soon =)

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So I went to Target yesterday and did the 15/40 Up and Up deal, mostly on allergy drugs :/ I spent 119 and saved 43, but it’s a moot point because when I got home my little 11 month old was struggling with a tummy bug… argh!! But, I wanted to show you how I did the Kelloggs Special K Cartwheel Deal… Right now there is a 50% off Special K Cereal deal until March 22nd, limit 2 per guest. In the 2/16 Red Plum there is a .70 off the Chocolate Almond cereal… here is the breakdown of what I did. Price will vary by variety and region:

Chocolate Almond- Reg. 2.99- less 50%- 1.49. RP coupon less .70- Final cost .79

Red Berries- 3.69- less 50% 1.84

Both for 2.63 or 1.32 a piece, not bad.

I would flip for this deal quick, as I don’t think it will last too long.

Also, there are double points over at Kelloggs Family Rewards for Special K items =)


Target Deal Haul 3/4/2014- With Video =0

So I finally went off the NO BUY with some great stock up items. First I decided to try out some of the 50% off toy deals and got the girls some Easter items. We should see some weekly offers until then on toys. I also took advantage of the 20/50 coupon and did 2 transactions. So not a bad trip on the mothership, saved 70ish and spent 140… there looks to be a hot 15/40 Up and Up in next week’s ad and mobile coupon =)

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It’s ALL About the Kids Right?!?!

Well here I am long time no hear, nor see… Boo, I know! So if you have been following my YouTube channel or my FB page you will know I am on a NO BUY right now. What that means is I cancelled my monthly subscription boxes, I have dodged a few Target trips, and am just “browsing” online. I have been working on my sampling companies and freebies though so there is some sort of fun happening for me =0 Anyways, I did order a couple things from Toys R Us for the kiddos. I bought them a new princess table and Natalie a learning walker. I ordered online last week and took advantage of some greats deals.. I saved over 20 dollars. I actually like Toys R Us and the rewards program they offer so I will probably continue to order online. This winter has been L O N G and cold here in Minnesota, but the kids and I are enjoying each other. Cause it’s ALL about the Kids RIGHT?!?!



When Do Household and Cleaning Supplies Go On Sale?

I have been cleaning a thousand times a day being stuck inside this winter! My supplies are on the verge of nonexistence. So when is the best time to really buy household and cleaning supplies? Sales on these items are generally throughout the year but the lowest prices are coming up. April used to be the hot month, but the trends are actually starting to peak late Feb, early March. Target throughout some good coupons the last couple of years and I am sensing that again. Right now is the perfect time to start collecting those coupons on the items you use the most as they will be quite handy in the short future!




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