Fall Haul Part 1

Time to get ready for my favorite season of the year, FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fall! It could stay Fall all year round and you would hear no complaints here! Well, I purchased a few items I wanted to share with you all including some clothes from Old Navy, some makeup from Sephora, and some other misc!!!


August 2014 Bluum Boxes

So we received both of the girls’ Bluum boxes over the weekend! I really enjoyed both of these boxes as they have improved over the last month or so. Amelia’s was full of Pre-K learning utensils and Natalie’s had a book that was right up her alley! If you are interested in Bluum here is a referral link to get half off your first month’s box: http://bluum.me/Xvtcvs


Here are the videos as well:


Natalie’s 17 month old box: http://youtu.be/dQCI7zJbpro


Amelia’s Pre-K box: http://youtu.be/85TuFpLjIHs

VEDA 18th–Easy Peasy Coupon Organization!

Today I am showing my current coupon organization! My methods have certainly changed since I started 4 years ago! Coupons have changed and so has my lifestyle! I think this easy peasy method can work for anyone on the go!

DSCN2246 DSCN2247 DSCN2249 DSCN2250 DSCN2251 DSCN2252 DSCN2254

I have started to cut out only the coupons my family will use or that I THINK we will use! I love my Thirty-One Fold It Up Organizer for my overall organization.

I keep the Procter and Gamble coupon inserts whole. I am a big P&G shopper :0 I keep Target printables and other misc printables in the middie compartment. I put store coupons in the right pocket.

I also have my coupon divider that I have separated into the following catergories.

1. Breads, Breakfast, and Beverages.

2. Foods including snacks, dinners, and anything edible.

3. Households. Ex. detergents, toilet paper, etc.

4. Personals. Ex. Makeup, medicines, other personals!

5. Baby/Kid- You know the drill.

6. More Target coupons…

Here is the video I put up on my YouTube Channel



Our Target household and snack haul! We saved 62 dollars today with coupons, sales, and cartwheel!! There are so many coupons for cleaning supplies and snacks on Coupon.com  and Target.com


Here is our haul!



Fashion Friday: Back to School w/Gymboree’s 14.99 and Under Sale!!

There is a Hot Back to School happening at Gymboree right now!! Items are 14.99 and Under including some fabulous dresses for my Pre-K daughter, Amelia! We had a fashion show this morning! Every dress looks wonderful and my favorite part are the shoes! These shoes compliment each outfit differently and give each one their own dynamic!

DSCN2208 DSCN2215 DSCN2226 DSCN2233

I would hop on this sale before items run out!!!


Here is my whole Gymboree haul: