VEDA 18th–Easy Peasy Coupon Organization!

Today I am showing my current coupon organization! My method’s having certainly changed since I started 4 years ago! Coupons have changed and so has my lifestyle! I think this easy peasy method can work for anyone on the go!

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I have started to cut out only the coupons my family will use or that I THINK we will use! I love my Thirty-One Fold It Up Organizer for my overall organization.

I keep the Procter and Gamble coupon inserts whole. I am a big P&G shopper :0 I keep Target printables and other misc printables in the middie compartment. I put store coupons in the right pocket.

I also have my coupon divider that I have separated into the following catergories.

1. Breads, Breakfast, and Beverages.

2. Foods including snacks, dinners, and anything edible.

3. Households. Ex. detergents, toilet paper, etc.

4. Personals. Ex. Makeup, medicines, other personals!

5. Baby/Kid- You know the drill.

6. More Target coupons…

Here is the video I put up on my YouTube Channel

VEDA 4th, 2014— Lip Gloss Giveaway :)





So the folks at Envy Derm were so kind to let me try one of their lip plumping and conditioning lip glosses! This gloss is paraben and sulfate free along with Jojoba and argan oils amongst tons of other good things! I love this gloss, my lips feel amazing and I have been using it for over 2 weeks!
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Veda 1st, 2014- Small Pamper/Beauty Haul

If you are not familiar with August in the YouTube world it is Vlogust or VEDA! Which means Vlogging Every Day in August. Well I am going to try it, kind of. Since this will be my first attempt at this style I am going to post a Video Every Day in August. If the video relates to saving money or giveaways I will post them here too. If you are interested in following more of my randomness you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here! The first video is of a small pamper/beauty haul I did earlier this week. The deals at Target run thru the 2nd and if you had the buy one get one coupon from Bath and Body Works they expire Sunday August 3rd.